For Booksellers

2024 Registrations are closed, but read on for more info about how to participate in future events.

Thank you for your interest in joining the MI Book Hop! Our dream is to one day have every indie bookstore in Michigan be a part of the Hop!

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Participating stores make a nominal registration fee to fund the prize pool and pay for Book Hop-related expenses. In 2024 each store contributed $30 (plus $1 to cover processing fees).
  • If for any reason you’re unable to pay the registration fee, please reach out to us, as we sometimes have stores who are willing to “sponsor” another store in need.
  • We ask that each store keep printed copies of their region’s BINGO sheet on hand for customers to pick up. Many customers will print their own, but BINGO cards must also be available for pick up at any participating store.
  • Each store chooses its own method of marking the cards. You can use a stamp, sticker, initials, etc. Stores are asked to mark not only their store space, but any activity their customers complete while in their store.
  • Activities vary by region. Some may require a purchase, but many activities are free for the customers and involve promoting participating stores via shelfies and other social media posts.
  • We ask customers to turn in their completed BINGO cards to any participating store. We ask all stores to ensure that completed cards are fully filled out by the customer, and then give each card a sequence number. We will use those numbers to randomly determine winners at the end of the Hop.


Please join one of our bookseller communities on Facebook or Discord to get involved in the planning, and stay up to date on the process. Email us for an invite to either platform, or both!