1. How do I participate?
    Head to any of the 63 participating stores between April 27th and May 27th and pick up a bingo sheet for that region! Anytime before the end of the Book Hop, just return the sheet (or multiple sheets, if you have them) to any of the participating stores.
  2. How much does it cost to participate?
    Absolutely nothing! 😊
  3. How do the regions work?
    Each region has its own bingo sheet to help with making it easier to get bingos and complete the sheet! The participating stores are broken down into 7 different regions (Central, Detroit, Greater Flint, North, South, Southeast, and West). You can fill out as many different sheets as you’d like; you’re not limited to just one region.
  4. How do I complete squares on the bingo board?
    There are a variety of activities on the board, like taking a picture with a bookstore pet, buying a book recommended by staff, visiting a local park or coffeeshop, as well as each different bookstore has a separate square. Just show proof to one of the staff (like a picture from your phone) at a participating bookstore, and they’ll sign off on that square!
  5. I filled my whole region card! How do I get my pin?
    MI Book Hop Champion pins will be ordered after the hop has completed, and shipped to the store you indicated on your sheet that you'd like a gift card from if you won. Watch our social media for instructions in mid-June!
  6. I’m bummed that my local store isn’t participating! Is there a way I can suggest them for next year?
    Absolutely! The MI Book Hop is still relatively new, and we’re always looking to get more bookstores to participate. Scroll to the bottom of the MI Book Hop website (www.mibookhop.com) and fill out the “Recommend a bookstore for MI Book Hop” form.
  7. What can I win?
    Two participants will win a $300 gift card to bookshop.org, and we’ll be awarding 27 $25 gift cards that can be used at the indie bookstore of your choosing! Additionally, if you manage to fill out an entire sheet (meaning all spaces completed) you get an exclusive MI Book Hop enamel pin that will be available for pickup at your local store in June.
  8. I didn’t get any bingos; can I still turn in my sheet?
    If you visited at least 5 stores on that region’s card, you can still turn your sheet in for an entry!
  9. How do I get more raffle entries?
    You can entries in one of 3 ways:
    1. Getting a bingo (5 in a row, column, or diagonal); this counts as one entry
    2. Visit 5 stores; this counts as one entry
    3. Fill out a whole board; this counts as three entries, plus you get the exclusive MI Book Hop pin!
    Please note that entries don’t “stack”, i.e. you can’t get multiple entries by getting a bingo AND visiting 5 stores. The only way to get multiple entries is to fill out the whole board (3 entries) or complete multiple regions’ cards. Each region card can count as 1 or 3 entries as outlined above.
  10. Is there a bonus prize for visiting every store?
    Bragging rights and a super cool experience (and however many entries you get for bingos along the way). Also, if you visit every store, we DEFINITELY want to know about it.
  11. I have a question that wasn’t answered here; how can I get in touch?
    Reach out to us by clicking “Contact Us” on our website or send a message to the MI Book Hop Instagram or Facebook page (@mibookhop)!